For Alt-R&B singer-songwriter Eric Ryan, it all started with a guitar, YouTube and impressing a girl.


At age 12, the resourceful crooner taught himself how to play the instrument through video tutorials and although the relationship didn’t pan out, a seed of curiosity was planted.


In his early 20s, Ryan found himself embarking on his musical journey, one that he is actively honing today with his already masterful blend of alternative, R&B, neo-soul and lo-fi influences. His silky-smooth vocal stylings recall Daniel Caesar, while his open-book songwriting brings to mind Frank Ocean, both of whom have impacted the Filipino-Canadian.


Embodying an honest, saying-what-comes-to-mind lyrical approach in the vein of R&B titans who came before him, Ryan channels introspective and relatable experiences spanning love, heartbreak and the emotional spectrum of being human into his own immersive brand of the genre.


Boasting nearly 700,000 Spotify streams to date, the dreamy 2019 single “Soleil” finds Ryan basking in the warm glow of a romantic interest, comparing their magnetic attraction to the fiery sun. Featuring friend and collaborator Shqdel’s pillowy harmonies, when he sings, “And baby it’s worth all the heartbreaks I’ve been through / The energy you give I consume,” it feels like you’re listening in on an intimate conversation: a profession of unconditional love for that special someone.


Slow-burner “Close” explores the arc of a toxic relationship that stems back to an entire generation’s yearning for a meaningful and lasting connection in the age of Tinder. In just under four minutes, Ryan takes listeners through a journal entry of his most personal thoughts, which concludes with a hopeful message: “Feeling's a blessing / Hope I can love again.”


When Ryan is not writing and recording music in his home studio, he can be found with his manager on “Making It Work,” a weekly vlog that documents today’s independent artist hustle and provides another outlet for fans to get to know the small but mighty team behind the music.


For even more of an inside look at the Toronto native’s life, tune into his video podcast on his YouTube channel, which covers topics sent in by fans as well as insight he and his manager have learned through their own experiences in the music industry in hopes that they inspire other artists and professionals.


Currently, Ryan is prepping his debut EP to be released in early 2021. Even though the musician is yet to put out a full body of work, he’s already amassed over 2,500,000 combined streams on all platforms.


“I want my music to help people get through whatever they’re going through,” shares the 24-year-old. “At the end of the day, if I helped one person get through a sad time in their lives or they can attach themselves to a song in a loving way, that makes the experience for me.”

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