By Keona Frasier

Ear Milk

The imaginative songwriting and nimble production on “Stuck” showcases how Ryan captured the attention of playlist curators and avid R&B listeners alike. It utilizes timeless soul concepts with velvety guitar chords to back Ryan’s enchanting vocals. The signer-songwriter worked with fellow Toronto guitarists and producers Mike Rouge and Elijah Cruise to bring the track together....


8pm (Cuffingszn) 


By Joey Guihaire

Listen Magazine

The Toronto-based 24-year-old Eric Ryan is back with his new single 8PM (Cuffin SZN). Over a vintage, slow-dripping swirl of lo-fi R&B and minimal guitar, Ryan finds himself en route to rendezvous with his lover during this snapshot of modern dating. We had the opportunity to discuss the singer’s latest release, his vlog: Make It Work, and his Filipino roots...

8pm cuff szn cover art.png


By Sam morrison

Lyrical Lemonade

Throughout the verses, Eric Ryan serenades the listeners in the most soothing way possible. The song just puts your mind at ease as the meticulously crafted production creates an ambience that materializes as peaceful energy. I advise everyone to hop in their car at midnight and turn this track on. As you ride down the road, allow yourself to be immersed in the amazing atmosphere that this song boasts...

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soleil by eric ryan cover art


 Lyrical Lemonade

By: Sam MorrisoN

There are certain tracks that just touch your soul. And by that, I simply mean that these specific songs have the ability to connect with distinct emotions related to various parts of your life and make you feel as if you’re the one who wrote the piece. These are the songs that are worth holding onto. The ones that make us feel when we don’t feel like feeling; and the ones that make us love when we don’t feel like loving...