Stuck by Eric Ryan Now Available on all streaming platforms

Updated: Jan 11

Eric has got a new release called "Stuck".

Released last Friday, January 8, “Stuck” finds Toronto-based Alt-R&B singer-songwriter Eric Ryan struggling to move on from a past relationship. The stunning lead single is from his upcoming debut EP “Dream State” (out February 5). Fans can listen to the new single here.

Backed by a gospel-like organ, a dreamy guitar and stacked other-worldly harmonies, Eric is seemingly frozen in time as he looks back on his time with his former lover. Screen Reels praised the track, saying it “encourages you to immerse yourself with rose-colored glasses on and reminisce about the great memories that melted your inner core.”

“This song was written to capture the feeling of being ‘stuck’ on a past lover/relationship; feeling trapped in a cycle of reminiscing back to the good days spent with them,” shared Eric.

Already receiving support from editorial playlists at Apple Music (New Music Daily, New in R&B and Breaking R&B), Spotify (New Music Friday Canada) and more, “Stuck” is the official introduction to his forthcoming debut body of work, “Dream State.” Over five tracks that expertly run the gamut of lo-fi-infused R&B, Eric invites listeners into his personal euphoria -- one that celebrates the highs and lows of being in love, as well as the ongoing tug-o-war of self-love.

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